University of California Riverside Couples Session | Kassandra and Angel

Kassandra brought out all the props for this shoot. We had balloons, confetti canons, regular confetti, and smoke bombs. I had such a great time taking photos of Angel and Kassandra at UCR with all of these props because it adds another dimension to the images. I don't take pictures with props too frequently so its always a fun challenge to incorporate props into graduation sessions.

I think one of the best parts about having props is it helps give the graduates some guidance on how they're gonna pose. When you don't have props the amount of poses you can do is endless and I think sometimes a bit overwhelming. With props, you become a little more constrained in what you can do and so I find that graduates usually are able to pose themselves a bit easier once props are incorporated. Additionally, it just brings a different energy to the shoot and makes it feel even more interactive!

Anyways, enough of me talking. Here's some of my favorite photos from this graduation session:

If you have any questions or are interested in booking a session, feel free send me a message here!