University of California Irvine Graduation Photos | Jodian

Disclaimer: I'm a former Anteater so my thoughts on UCI and its campus are incredibly biased.

I think UCI has the best campus for graduation photos, hands down. When I first asked Jodian where she wanted to take her graduation photos, she mentioned Social Science, Aldrich Park, and the Wheat Fields.

We ended up not taking photos at Social Science, but instead decided to substitute that with Langson Library. It looks close enough to the Social Science Buildings and in my opinion, is a much better place for photos. The second location we went to was Aldrich Park. There is no shortage of beautiful spots at Aldrich Park for graduation photos. The varying kinds of flowers, trees, and natural environments all make for unique locations and you can hardly guess that they're all within a 5 walk of each other. Lastly, we planned to do the wheat fields. That area is really only prime for photos a few weeks in the year and while it looks like we missed the window by a couple weeks this year, there was enough remnants at the location to do some photoshop work and really emphasize the look of things. I've attached a before and after below for reference!

Anyways, here's some of my favorites from this UCI Graduation Session with Jodian:

If you have any questions or are interested in booking a session, feel free send me a message here!