San Clemente Wedding | Shelby and Braden

This San Clemente wedding was a small, intimate, backyard wedding and was so much fun to be a part of. Shelby and Braden reached out to me to photograph their wedding and I actually didn't know until we were planning on scheduling a coffee meet-up to discuss their wedding timeline that they were coming from Colorado. As a result, most of our communication happened via email and zoom but it still worked out well! I met with them a couple days before the wedding to scout out the location and to discuss the finalized wedding plans. While going through their wedding locations Shelby reminisced about the time she spent growing up in this community and playing through these walkways as a little girl. Originally, we were contemplating whether to drive down to the beach for post-ceremony solo portraits or to take them in this walkway around the neighborhood, but after hearing Shelby tell her childhood stories, we decided it would be more meaningful to take the wedding solo portraits where she grew up. I was so fortunate to be able to work with Shelby and Braden and am incredibly lucky to have been able to document the joyous celebration of their love. Here's some of my personal favorites from the day:

Part of the reason I love small weddings so much is because you get to see so much creativity come out during the decoration process. Most of the furniture from inside the house had to be moved and a bunch of chairs rented for this ceremony to take place in the living room. Also, peep the DIY wedding arch made from pipes. They did such a great job!

The biggest champagne bottle I have ever seen and probably will ever see in my life.