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I'm glad you wanted to learn some more about me! I strongly believe it's important to know who am I and why I do what I do before even considering hiring me.  


In case you forgot my name, hi again I'm Rikki Young! A few quick things about me: I'm a HUGE Lakers fan, my favorite tv series was Game of Thrones (still looking for my next favorite series),  I love to go on long road trips or hikes, and I am in an incredible relationship with this beautiful lady on my right!


I think it's such an incredible privilege to be a photographer. To be chosen to help document someone’s life and freeze important memories in time for them is absolutely insane and is not something I take lightly. 


Here's some things that I'm not:  

I'm NOT the photographer whose gonna try to pose you for the perfect photo. I won’t be methodically adjusting every single detail, making sure everything is precise. I think the perfect the photos are the real ones. The ones that actually reminds us of genuine moments or of beautiful memories. I think those memories are best captured in tears, in laughs, in moments of happiness. These are things that I can’t pose, but are the ones that I aim to capture the most.

Don't confuse this with me not actually posing you though. I know most people aren't professional models and most don't feel comfortable in front of the camera (me included lol). Because of this, I tend to pose people with actions so it feels natural and authentic. I remember taking school photos as a kid where they would have me being incredibly stiff, making micro adjustments with my chin or the angle of my body and while I respect those photographers and their style, it just isn't me. 

I want to be intentional about your photos and for me that means I want to capture REAL, GENUINE moments. When you look back at your photos, I want it to bring back meaningful memories, not staged ones. I’m  looking to document a true reflection of life that you can be happy to look back on. 

In the same respect, I want you to be intentional about the photographer you choose which is why I’m being transparent about who I am and what my process is. If my style or personality doesn’t align with what you’re looking for then I’m probably not the right photographer for you. However, if everything I’m saying resonates with you and sounds like the kind of coverage you want throughout your planning process and on your special day, I would LOVE to work with you!

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